We’re glad you found us and we look forward to meeting you! 

Welcome to Faith Community Fellowship!  If you are wondering what it is like here, let me share a little taste of it with you.  There will always be a message from God’s word that will apply to your life.  The Bible is central to all we do.  

Our music is blended which means, one Sunday a month, we have a full band with contemporary worship music, one Sunday a month, we sing hymns and another Sunday we blend a little bit of both.  The goal of worship is not how but who we worship.  

There are activities for your kids and teenagers.  There are small groups for adults.  We have a Welcome Center as soon as you enter.

If it’s your first time to our church, pick-up a gift while you are there. Services last about an hour and clothing is casual.

All are welcome here as we stay focused on our mission to help others come to know, grow in and serve Jesus Christ.
-Pastor Mike
Worship Service Times:

Sundays at 10:00am

Sunday Classes:

Come Visit Us!

COVID Information

Masks are not required for all adults and children in grades K-12


When you attend, we will have several other safety measures in place as well.  


We are working on several others measures to keep you, as well as everyone around you, safe and healthy.  We have looked closely at the Ohio Department of Health’s recommendations, and we are following them by adjusting places where people have physical contact. 


        Though you might see someone holding the door, they will keep their physical distance.

  1. Families will worship together.   Coloring pages will be available for younger parishioners, which you can take with you.
  2. There will be a basket in the back of the worship center for the offering and a basket for connection cards for prayer in the cafe.  We will have someone standing by the offering basket, but please place your offering in when you come in or you leave. 
  3. We will not have bulletins for the foreseeable future. We will keep sending a weekly newsletter with all the information the bulletin would normally carry and post this on the website.  
  4. Per the governor’s request, people who come to the services are not required to wear a mask for the safety of others. We will have masks on site at the church for those who come and forgot theirs. 
  5. We will have hand sanitizing stations at the main entrance to the church and inside the worship center.
  6. Per the CDC guidelines, if you have health issues, we ask that you remain home for your safety and continue to watch online. Even with all of the precautions we are taking, there are so many unknowns that could threaten your life.