Job Openings (as of 1/25/2024



Part-time Associate Office Administrator who computer level use is medium to strong. Experience with Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint and Excel is required. Associate Office Administrator must be spiritually mature and walk in integrity and honesty.  Confidentiality and trustworthiness are essential qualities. This person needs to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and is to be actively seeking a deeper relationship with Him.  This belief should be lived out in such a way that it is obvious and real to those in Leadership and members of FCF.


Will work up to 20 hours per week in office which includes Digital Content responsibly. Will need to fill in during Office Administrator’s vacation and personal days.  Primary responsibilities are to produce weekly newsletter and announcements/message slides. Maintain church database.

  • Create, edit PowerPoint slides of announcements
  • Create sermon message slides in PowerPoint
  • Create sign-up announcement slides in PowerPoint
  • Download video for service
  • Create, edit, weekly church newsletter & send out via MailChimp
  • Maintains Mailchimp accounts
  • Sends out Connect to those without emails by mail and shut- ins monthly
  • Enter attendance data from Sunday worship and generate attendance reports
  • Text reminders for Intercessory Prayer person and Usher Duty
  • Pulls online prayers and sends to Kathie L.
  • Maintain and update membership database files
  • Maintain small group folders
  • Produces Certificates, Child Dedication Letter
  • Generate reports and labels from membership database program
  • Creates Adult Sunday School attendance sheets
  • Give first time visitor card to Pastor Mike, log in Servant Keeper
  • Post visitation records in Servant Keeper
  • Call member that is having surgery and see if Pastoral Team prayer is needed
  • Post communion visits in Servant Keeper and updates spreadsheet
  • Create Pastoral Team meeting packet
  • Email Pastoral Team of visits and records in database
  • Runs off copies of newsletter for Get Connect wall
  • Prepare Partnership & Spiritual Formation Class folders, makes reminder calls & sends out letters
  • Documents all Class information in class folder and computer files
  • Attend Staff Meetings
  • Backup files
  • Assist with other clerical tasks as designated
  • Have a working knowledge of Office Administrator’s job duties

Digital Content Specialist – 5 hrs per week (optional)

      • Maintain church website
      • Create Sermon Shots for Facebook, Instagram & Tiktok
      • Creates boosts on Facebook for Christmas and Easter
      • Creates reminders on social media platforms of special events



Part-time Office Administrator with a pleasant telephone manner, who is organized and flexible, can retain a confidence, can use a computer and other office equipment, experience with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel required, is able to work co‑operatively in an environment of mutual support, and can affirm the beliefs of the church’s statement of faith. Office Administrator must be spiritually mature and walk in integrity and honesty.  Also, have a relationship with Jesus Christ and is to be actively seeking a deeper relationship with Him.  This belief should be lived out in such a way that it is obvious and real to those in Leadership and members of FCF.


Be in the church office approximately 20 hours per week. Primary duties of Administrator are to manage church office by keeping policies & all fiscal binders updated, reporting of monthly stats, maintain databases, communication to Leadership, advertising of vacant jobs, tech support and ordering office, kitchen & facility supplies.


  • Answer and respond to incoming telephone calls and make outgoing telephone calls. Checks answering machine.
  • Run off and assemble documents and mailings or ALL Church emails
  • Type and mail correspondence
  • Send reminder emails for Staff Meetings & Creates packets
  • Attends Staff Meetings
  • Creates packets for Elder, Deacon & Finance & sends out reminder emails
  • Creates Chair report for Elder packet
  • Creates Note report at EOM for pastor
  • Proofs Connect, announcement slides, sermon slides
  • Reviews at end of week with assistant that everything is ready for Sunday & helps where needed
  • Creates sign-up sheets, posts signs on doors for bible study & logs participants in SK
  • Help maintain and update membership database files
  • Email to Pastoral Team/ log activities in Servant Keeper
  • Works closely with CyberShift on tech issues, emails trouble ticket
  • Orders copier supplies
  • Updates church event calendar, coordinates and eliminates conflict through consultation with all staff members
  • Print out 2 months of the calendar and put on cabinet
  • Post open jobs on social media/indeed
  • Creates new hire paperwork
  • Reminds Staff/Deacons for employee evaluations, provides form
  • Responsible for purchasing stamps for office & CM Dept
  • Creates agenda for Christmas meeting
  • Reviews with assistant every holiday preparation steps & overview
  • Creates monthly ministry report
  • Creates Annual Lead Pastor report
  • Updates Ministry Binder
  • Updates event forms and event binder
  • Updates Compassionate Kitchen Binder
  • Update Material Safety Data Sheets binder (MSDS)
  • Updates Policy Book-making sure policies are clear and up-to-date
  • Updates Personnel Manual
  • Updates FCF Structure chart
  • Does bi-annual comparison of goods purchased
  • Order necessary kitchen supplies as directed by the kitchen coordinator
  • Order necessary janitorial supplies as directed by the custodian
  • Order copier supplies
  • Orders Memorial Day roses, Christmas and Easter flowers, Palm Sunday palms, and Ash Wednesday ashes  
  • Update weekly Giving stats on Bulletin Board
  • Update office bulletin board
  • Maintain electric key card list & gives out keys when requested
  • Assists in updating Facebook and website for weather announcements
  • Updates Marquee sign
  • Maintains the IT Manual
  • Maintains emails on sharefaith portal

Associate Minister

The individual we are praying for is someone:
  • Who possesses a vital, personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Who believes that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God.
  • Who has led others to Christ.
  • Who relates well with the middle and high school students currently involved in the church.
  • Who meets and builds new relationships with unchurched middle and high school students
  • Who agrees with and will abide by the church’s statement of faith, mission, and policies.
  • Who models Christian integrity in all areas of his/her life
  • Who will be supportive of the other paid and volunteer staff of the church
  • Who will seek unity in Christ’s church


  • Working with the Youth Deacon and Adult Team to define short and long term goals
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Develop, coordinate and lead separate teams to work with High School and Middle School ministry.
  • Includes Sunday morning, Blast, Bible studies, events, outreach etc… pertaining to Youth Ministry Service and Mission experiences throughout the year
  • One on one relational with the youth – Make yourself available to youth in a variety of ways (i.e. lunch at school, attendance at their extracurricular activities, taking them to Starbucks, Wendys, DQ, in times of crisis, etc.). Using home visits with youth and parents to build relationships
  • Network with other youth leaders in the area.
  • Communicate as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, facebook, newsletter, bulletin board, texting, etc.). Ensure communication with parents, with staff at staff meetings and the church office.
  • Assist and meet with the Deacons monthly
  • Meet weekly with the office staff to attend to the administrative items of the church