July 21, 2020
Dear Awana Parents & Volunteers,
As we begin preparation for the upcoming Awana year, we as the Children Ministry & Youth staff
have been considering all aspects of our ministry and the best route to take for our children and teens as
we navigate the current health situation in our country. We have taken into account all the concerns and
hopes from both parents and volunteers alike. We are very excited to share with you what the upcoming
Awana year will look like.
Classes will be split into 2 semesters. Awana will be held virtually for the fall semester, September
through November. We will monitor how the fall goes for virtual Awana and in local schools, as well
as the health situation to decide if the 2nd semester will remain virtual, or if we feel it is safe to resume
class in person.
Virtual Awana
➢ Children in grades Pre-school through 2nd grade will meet weekly via a Zoom meeting at 6:30pm.
➢ Children in grades 3rd through 5th will meet weekly via a Zoom meeting at 7:15pm.
➢ Teens will meet weekly on Tuesdays via Zoom.
              6th-8th Grade will meet at 6:00pm. 9th-12th Grade will meet at 7:00pm.
➢ Meetings will last 30 minutes or less for Preschool-5th Grade.
➢ We will be delivering all lesson materials; craft supplies etc. needed for the semester for
each student prior to the first Zoom meeting for children Preschool- 5th Grade.
➢ We will have fun weekly themes and ways to earn rewards just like a normal Awana night.
➢ We plan to record the Zoom meetings so children who are not able to participate during their
class time will be able to watch their lesson before the next week.
➢ We will NOT cancel the meetings if school is closed on the meeting date.
➢ We are asking all participants to complete a simple registration form so we know who will be in
each Zoom meeting and can deliver the appropriate materials.
➢ There will be no fees this year.
We are looking forward to the day we can safely welcome the kids back into the classroom. Until then,
we are striving to provide a fun and interactive virtual experience as we seek to serve you and your
Faith Community Fellowship’s Children & Youth Ministry Team
Lisa Fahrni and Ben Holcomb