Baskets of Blessings


What is Baskets of Blessing?

How does it work?

  • For every 5 families who sign up, we can provide 3 families with a basket. When you sign up, you are volunteering to prepare 3 dishes of one side dish and donate $10. (The money will be used to purchase the ham, canned food, roasting pans, and supplies for each family.)


  • You pick your top 3 categories (#1 any potato dish (sweet or regular), #2 any dessert, #3 any vegetable (not a potato) casserole, #4 any noodle dish, #5 rolls and butter when signing up and someone will call or e-mail you with what dish to prepare by April 7.


  • Bring your prepared dishes, a list of ingredients and reheating directions for each container and the $10 to FCF on the morning of the event. The food is then boxed and delivered that same day.


Any children who sign-up will do all the packing of the baskets on Saturday, April 20 at 10AM, create a craft for the family and learn to volunteer to help others. Parents will double check the baskets after the kids have packed them and tape them shut.  Before the baskets leave to be delivered, we will pray over them. Adults who want to deliver boxes will then take them to the families.