If you know of someone that has had a baby, surgery, or any temporary special event, see if we can start a Meal Train for them. Below is how to set up the Meal Train and the regulations for the Meal Train.

 Please fill out form located on the Get Connect wall, turn into Terri Paul or the Church Office or e-mail form to terripaul28@gmail.com.  

  • Meal Train will be set up for 3 meals per week for 3 weeks, additional weeks may be added if needed.
  • Date to start it and what 3 days per week they want a meal.
  • Please schedule Meal Train prior to the surgery, if able and during office hours. The  Meal Train can be e-mailed out Monday -Thursday 9AM-3PM and Friday 9AM-12PM.
  •  What time to deliver, ex. 4PM-6PM.
  • Name, address, email address, phone number of recipient.
  • Number of adults and number of children in the home.
  • Any allergy or food restrictions or food they absolutely will not eat.
  • If member is in need of money donations please contact the office (330) 830-6476, do not use the Meal Train for money donations.